Lemon-Lime Berry Pops

Contributed by elizamac


  • 1 cup each of Old Orchard Lemonade and Limeade
  • 36 blueberries
  • 12 bending straws, cut to 1.5 inches on each side of bend
  • 1- twelve cube ice tray


  1. Mix the cups of lemonade and limeade and pour the two cups to fill the slots in the ice cube tray.
  2. Place three blueberries in each slot.
  3. Bend each straw to make an “L” shape and place one end in the slot with the other end sticking upright.
  4. Place the tray flat in the freezer and freeze until solid.
  5. Use the release mechanism of the tray (twist, lift handle, or run warm water on back of tray, etc.) to gently remove the pops. Use the straw handles to lift up and hold to enjoy!

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