There are two weeks left to nominate your Old Orchard City Star! We continue to read through each entry and learn about all of the amazing individuals each community holds! Last week we had another 50 nominees, which brings us to over 100 nominees! It was a tough decision, but below are this weeks three featured nominess. We decided to showcase these three people who were nominated last week. Again, their nominator's described why each individual should be chosen as an Old Orchard City Star.

Kimberly K: "Kimberly has been my therapist for the past 2 years and she definitely goes above and beyond what any therapist would consider "normal". She cares about me and all her other clients a lot and often states she will fight for us when we have lost the ability to fight for ourselves. She just really cares; like you can feel how much she cares and that seems to be a dying trait in people. We often get so caught up in our own crap and we lose sight; yet she never does and I am always amazed and I truly just admire her."

Becky F: "Becky is the executive director of Cancer Support Community in Bozeman, Montana. The Cancer Support Community provides programs for people who have or have had cancer.  The staff has created a nurturing, supportive environment.  Programs include free support groups, education and exercise classes, lectures, and social events.  Becky leads a team who supports every one of us as we go through confusing, scary procedures and face life changes or death.   It has been a tremendous relief knowing the Cancer Support Community is there for me to educate, support, and make me physically, emotionally, and mentally stronger and healthier."

Thomas I: "Hello, I really believe my nieghbor Thomas deserves to be nominated for this contest because he goes above and beyond to help people in our neighborhood and all over San Diego. From taking out trash cans for me because I'm disabled, to working on people's cars, and doing house projects for all of his family and friends. He will never accept any type of monetary compensation for any work he does for people ever! His response usually is " I just like to help people Connie, I do not care about money". Tom worked very hard as a truck driver and is now retired, but I would say five out of the seven days of the week, he is loading his truck with tools and such to help a friend in need, a family member who has financial struggles and can not afford a mechanic, or an old work buddy who needs an extra hand fixing something. That makes him an exceptional man and friend, but the best thing I like about him, is his love for his two Shitzu pups, Mandy and Bubba. The travel with him to all of his daily favors he provides to all of us...I hope you can consider him for the grand prize, because he does so much for everyone, and I would love for him to receive this prize as the "Thank you" he so much deserves.

Stay tuned, winners will be announced in August!

Here’s how to enter:

  • Nominate someone you know who has made a positive impact on your community
  • Complete our online nomination form, including your contact information, your nominee’s name, a description of why they deserve to be recognized and a photo of or representing your nominee
  • Entries must be received by July 31, 2016 at 11:59pm EDT

What you could win:

  • Three Grand Prize nominees will win Free Juice for a year, a refreshing prize pack and a $100 Visa gift card
  • If your nominee is chosen, we'll send you a prize pack as a thank you for recognizing your community's superstar
  • We will select up to 100 winners who will recieve a free juice coupon just for entering

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Thank you for all of your entries, keep them coming. You have until the end of July!

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