Do you want to be this summer’s top party host? Create the ultimate summer soiree in your very own backyard with just a few simple tricks. With many different DIY projects out there, things can get chaotic. Use these tips below to plan your next gathering. Scroll down to see Old Orchard’s Top 7 Summer Soiree tips.

1. Brighten Up Your Backyard

Create that party atmosphere by adding lighting to your backyard. Don’t have trees to hang patio lights from? Don’t worry! Click here to see how you can utilize what you have!

DIY Patio Lights

2. Keep Your Salad Fresh

Serve your salads in large clear cookie jars to keep your salads bug free all day long! It’s a great way to display what is being served and easy to cover. Get more party tips here.

Salad/Cookie Jar

3. Sunscreen/Bug Spray Station

Show your party guests you care by providing a pack of sunscreen and bug spray in a convenient holder for them. Depending on your yard you can place it on the table as a little centerpiece, or have it stuck in your yard for an easy grab ‘n go. Choose a fun basket or tote to place the items in. Click here to see a great example.

Sunscreen Station

4. Organization is Key

Tables can get cluttered. Organize your condiments and utensils in a cardboard 6-pack carrier to keep everything together. Look here for more fun and easy display ideas for your next summer soiree.

Party Condiments

5. Cool Ways to Keep Your Drink Cold

Add a refreshing twist to your ice cubes. Freeze slices of lemons and limes in your ice cubes to keep lemonade cold without completely watering it down, or simply add to ice water for a cool lemony taste. Try adding a few mint leaves for an extra hint of flavor! See how it’s done here.

Lemonade Pitcher

6. Fire It Up!

Fire pits are a great addition to any summer gathering. Try a new spin on fire pits. Follow this pin to create your very own sleek and modern Rock Bowl Flame.

Fire Pit

7. Frozen Mixers

Some say, “if you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen,” but what if outside is even hotter? We have just the solution for you! Old Orchard has revamped their line of Frozen Mixers, now with 3 delicious flavors to help you cool off while enjoying the sun. You can choose from Strawberry Daiquiri, Margarita, or Piña Colada. These frozen mixers can be paired with your favorite liquor of choice, or easily made up with water/ice, and you have a fun drink the whole family can enjoy! View Frozen Mixers

3 Mixers

Be sure to also check out our YouTube video for more DIY Party Planning Tips

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