Mix it up this month and celebrate Frozen Food Month with Old Orchard! Our consumers have come to equate our brand with innovation, quality, variety and value, as we are constantly focused on creating new products that reflect the latest health and flavor trends. With March being Frozen Food Month, we want to shine the spotlight on all of our frozen juices and share the benefits of buying frozen. Old Orchard offers frozen 100% Juice Blends, Organics, Lemonades and Mixers! Frozen juice is fresh when you make it and tastes great! It’s convenient, nutritious, economical and easy to make! 

Why buy Old Orchard Frozen juice?

  • More Economical than Other Juices
  • Smaller Packaging is Easy and Convenient to Store
  • Simple to Make - Just Add Water and Stir!
  • Fresh Picked Taste
  • Leak Proof Plastic Can (microwavable & recyclable!)
  • Broad Variety of Flavors -- Something for Everyone!
  • Environmentally Friendly

Old Orchard Frozen concentrates are ripe with possibilites! Did you think frozen concentrates were only used for drinking? Wrong. Frozen concentrates can also be used in a variety of recipes - boost the flavor of your pork roast, incorporate into your breakfast smoothies for a little extra kick, or even pump up the flavor of your next salad dressing!
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