Who knew you could make so many crafts from a frozen juice container? With 5 supplies and 5 simples steps, you could have your own pilgrim hat in no time! This craft is super easy and kid friendly. Once the hat is done, use the hat as a utensil holder or candy holder. You could even strap on some ribbon to tie under your chin and wear it!

*Parental suprvision is recommended for times when using scissors and hot glue guns.

What you will need:

- Empty Old Orchard can
- Black, gold and grey checked scrapbook paper
- Buttons and ribbon
- Scissors
- Hot glue gun

Step 1. Cut black paper in 4 3/4" strip.

Step 2. Wrap paper around can and glue.

Step 3. Cut out circle (4 1/2" diameter) and glue to bottom of can.

Step 4. Use gold paper, grey checkered paper and button to create the buckle.
- 3" x 3" for gold paper
- 2" x 2" for checkered paper

Step 5. Wrap gold ribbon around bottom of can and glue the buckle in the center.

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