Keep the celebration going all night long!

It's almost the 4th of July, and we all know what that means! Fireworks! What better way to top off a holiday than filling the night sky with wonderful bright colors? The grand finale always comes a little too fast and the firework show is over just like that! Well, we've got just the tricks that will let you keep the fireworks and fun last all night long, without the fire!

These crafts are made from recycled Old Orchard bottles and frozen containers, no need to go out and purchase new bottles.The first craft is geared towards the older kids as it requires some cutting, which we recommend parental supervision throughout. The Confetti Poppers add another element of celebration and are very simple to make. The second craft, Fireworks in a Bottle, is a great idea to keep the little rascals enterntained all night long. Shaking the bottle mixes all of the glitter, confetti and ribbon will mimic the firework show right in your very own hands.

Confetti Poppers

What you will need:

- One empty Old Orchard frozen can

- Party balloon

- Scissors

- Tape

- Paper (tissue, scrapbook, construction, etc.)


Step 1. Cut off the bottom of the container.

Step 2. Tie one balloon and cut off the other end.

Step 3. Insert the frozen can into the cut-off end of the balloon, and tape.

Step 4. Wrap paper around the can and decorate.

Step 5. Fill with confetti and POP!

Fireworks in an Old Orchard Bottle

What you willl need:

- Empty Old

- Orchard Bottle (32oz)

- Blue, red, and white ribbon

- glitter/confetti (we went with the 4th of july themed confetti)

Step 1. Cut ribbon into 8" pieces and curl.

Optional: Spray paint the cap red, white, or blue.

Step 2. Fill empty bottle with ribbon, glitter.

Step 3. Once the bottle is filled with the desired amount of objects, fill the bottle with water till the bottle is full. *optional: seal cap with hot glue to ensure there will be no leaks*

Step 4. Shake the bottle to create your own "fireworks". Enjoy!

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