Frozen Lid Pumpkin:

Pumpkins are a staple when it comes to the fall season. Old Orchard’s frozen lids are the perfect size to create the pumpkin you’ve been needing to place on your side table or coffee table.

What you will need:

– 24 Frozen Lids
– Orange spray paint
– Twine/string/ribbon
– Cinnamon sticks

Step 1. Find a large space outside and spray paint each of the lids. Spray 2 coats on each side.

Step 2. String together all of lids, place them close to each other.

Also have the lids face the same way, makes it easier to form the circle.

Step 3. Form a circle and tie together.

Step 4. Spread out lids evenly.

Step 5. Grab a few cinnamon sticks and place them in the middle. There ya go!

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