Old Orchard has launched a fresh, new label design for our Frozen 100% Juices and Juice Blends, offering 20 different flavors!

New Design for All Frozen 100% Juices & 100% Juice Blends

• Bright, Fresh, Modern Design
• Consistent Design with Bottled Juice
• Bold Color Contrasts to Highlight Key Product Attributes
• Easy to Read Flavor Descriptor
• Same Leak-Proof Plastic Can (microwaveable and recyclable!)

Don't normally purchase Old Orchard frozen juices?
Here are 6 reasons why you should!

1. Budget-Friendly

Frozen juices are perfect for value-conscious families. Each can of Old Orchard frozen concentratre mixes with water to make 48 fluid ounces of juice. Compare the price of frozen juice to bottled juices and you'll find that frozen juices have a lower cost per ounce.

2. Convenient

Easy to make and easy to store, Old Orchard frozen juice concentrates are a convenient way to always make sure you have extra juice on hand. A smaller package size means you can fit more in a small space. Simply empty one can of concentrate in a pitcher and mix with 3 cans (36 fl oz) of water whenever you want fresh juice. It's simple enough that kids can help or make up by themselves!

3. Better Packaging

Old Orchard is the only frozen juice brand that uses a leak-proof plastic can. Say goodbye to messy cardboard cans. Our plastic cans are also microwave-safe -- simply remove the lid and microwave for 60-90 seconds to thaw.

4. Quality

Frozen is fresher! Frozen juice is fresh when you make it and tastes great -- capturing the best flavors of the fruit. Taste the difference for yourself!

5. Variety

It's not just for breakfast anymore! With 20 different 100% juice flavors, plus lemonades and mixers, there's something for the whole family, any time of day. Try our classic flavors or one of our unique blends.

6. Eco-Friendly

A smaller package means less waste and a smaller carbon footprint. Our plastic cans and lids are also recyclable -- OR -- you can browse our blog for some fun and crafty ideas on how to upcycle your old containers.

What are you waiting for? Taste for yourself the benefits of Old Orchard frozen juice concentrates! Choose from over twenty 100% Juices & Blends, Lemonades and Mixers!

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