Earth Day Challenge Entries

To help celebrate Earth Day, Old Orchard challenged consumers to take their empty Old Orchard juice containers and upcycle them, creating something new and exciting from something old and seemingly unusable. We pushed for everyone to think of original, creative, and innovative ideas on how they could turn their empty containers into something that can be used in another way, possibly an even better way. Consumers took on our challenge creating everything from toothbrush holders to bubble machines. Here are a few of our favorites:

First, our winning entry submitted by Katrina P. of Appleton, WI: Toothbrush Holders

Upcycled Old Orchard Juice Cans into Toothbrush Holders

“Keep everyone’s mouth germs to themselves! I’ve wanted to get each kid their own separate holder for toothbrushes and paste for a while. With this challenge I finally got the inspiration and it was super cheap!”

Bird Feeder submitted by Kelly L.

Upcycled Old Orchard Juice Bottle into a Bird Feeder

“I took my juice container and cut the sides off to make nice openings, washed it well and dried it. Filled it with bird seed to make a bird feeder. I have lots of birds and nature in my yard and feel the need to feed them.”

Utensil Holder submitted by John S.

Upcycled Old Orchard frozen juice container into a utensil holder

“I made a pretty kitchen utensil holder using a patterned tissue box and the Old Orchard juice container. I cut the side panels off the box, trimmed them to fit the juice container, and taped them together around the container. If I get bored of that design, I can remove the old one and put on a new one! Up-cycled TWO things with this design! I also use the juice containers w/lids for nuts and bolts and things in the garage. They are easy to label and stack.”

Art Supplies Holders submitted by Robin Y.

Upcycled Old Orchard frozen juice cans into art supplies containers

“I’ve taken frozen juice canisters and covered them with a little glue and a pretty piece of paper (scrap booking paper or the like) and reusing them to store our art supplies.”

Bubble Blower submitted by Wendi E.

“Make a Bubble Blower! Hours of backyard fun or perfect for an Upcycle Birthday Party! All you need is an Old Orchard juice can, an old sock, a rubber band, scissors, a shallow dish, and some dish soap! To start, cut the bottom off the juice can and cover it tightly with an old sock. (You may need to cut the open end of the sock off to make the sock shorter.) Secure the sock with a rubber band so it doesn’t slip off the can. Then mix a solution of dish soap and a small amount of water in a shallow dish. Dip the blower’s sock end into the solution and then place the other open end of the can firmly against your mouth and BLOW!!! (Option: Dab food coloring onto the sock before dipping it in the bubble solution to make RAINBOW bubbles!)”

Flower Vase submitted by Michelle S.

upcycled Old Orchard juice bottle into a flower vase

“My boys are 3 and 2 and it pleasantly surprised me when they started picking flowers for me! They don’t know the difference between weeds and flowers and they certainly don’t know the difference between glass and plastic vases! It’s not the most creative or unique art to come out of this house however the point was the boys love it and the apples – which they would not let me remove!”

Even though Earth Day has come and gone, upcycling is something that can be done all year round. Upcycling is just another way to help keep you and your family live “green” and as the photos above show, it is fun and easy to do! All you need is to think of a creative way to take something that would normally end up in the trash can or recycling bin, and make it into something special that the whole family can enjoy. Make a day of it, use your imagination, and most importantly, have fun! The possibilities are endless and the feeling you will have knowing you made a difference, is priceless.

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