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Why does Old Orchard look/sound familiar?

We sell Old Orchard brand bottled and frozen juice blends in retail chains, nationally and internationally. We advertise in the Brewing Industry Guide as well as the Craft Beer & Brewing podcast.

How long has Old Orchard been supplying the craft beverage industry?

We’ve been building our name as the “Blending Experts” since 1985, but our bulk program started in recent years. Brewers were buying our frozen concentrates in cans from their local grocery store, so we decided to create the bulk program for improved accessibility and pricing to brewers.

What makes Old Orchard stand out from other suppliers?

  • PRICING. Whole fruit, purees and straight concentrates are expensive; our craft blends are not. Our high volume production results in economies of scale savings for our bulk customers.
  • QUALITY. We don’t cut our craft concentrates with added sugars. We pack them with REAL fruit concentrates and natural fruit flavor, for maximum impact in the final brew.
  • SERVICE. We don’t just supply our customers; we connect. We strive to answer all inquiries promptly, and we meet with our brewery partners in their own taprooms whenever possible.
  • LOCATION. Located in BEER CITY, USA—aka greater Grand Rapids, Michigan—we’re the premier supplier to the Midwest and East coast (but our reach is as far west as California and as far south as Florida).

How big is Old Orchard’s craft beverage customer base?

We supply hundreds of customers nationwide—whether for beer, wine, cider, spirits, mead, kombucha, or other creative applications.

FAQ: Product

What are craft juice concentrate blends?

Our proprietary craft concentrate blends combine multiple juice concentrates with natural flavors to create a value-added, enhanced flavor profile at a discounted price. In comparison, straight concentrates often lose their color and aroma during processing.

What are the applications for your concentrates?

Our juice concentrates are used to flavor and sweeten craft beverages such as beer, wine, cider, mead, spirits, seltzer, or kombucha.

What are the benefits of craft concentrate blends?

Our concentrate blends are crafted for optimal flavor, color, clarity and aroma—at a fraction of the price. Our customers have saved thousands of dollars by switching to our products.

Why doesn’t Old Orchard sell purees, extracts, or straight concentrates?

In our experience working with hundreds of breweries, they prefer our craft concentrate blends to other options. Whole fruit doesn’t impart enough flavor; purees require too much filtering; extracts alone taste too artificial; straight concentrates are too expensive and bland. So we proudly stick with concentrate blends in our niche as “The Blending Experts from BEER CITY, USA”.

Can you create custom blends?

Yes, we have created custom blends for various breweries. However, custom blend orders require a 4 drum minimum.

Are your concentrates Organic, Kosher, or Non-GMO certified?

Our concentrates are not Organic, but Kosher certification is available upon request. We can also provide a statement on Non-GMO status.

Why don’t you sell specialty flavors like Guava or Prickly Pear?

We focus on the flavors we already use for our bottled and frozen retail products. This translates into big cost savings to our bulk customers, due to economies of scale.

Do you pasteurize and/or aseptically pack your concentrates?

Old Orchard adheres to strict SQF standards and guidelines in our manufacturing processes. We use pasteurized ingredients for our craft concentrates. We do not aseptically pack them however, so they are not shelf stable and must be stored refrigerated or frozen. Regardless of the method of preservation or any treatment applied by Old Orchard Brands, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to complete a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) or similar risk analysis and to ensure further processing for food safety and quality, including a thermal (or equivalent 5-log reduction) step to beverages made from our concentrates.

FAQ: Usage Guidelines

How should Old Orchard craft concentrates be used?

Most of our craft beverage customers add our concentrates undiluted after fermentation (first deactivating yeast through filtering, pasteurization, sorbates, etc.). Usage rate is typically 1-5% by volume. For a more subtle flavor effect, the concentrates can also be prediluted into juice or used as a fermentable base. Thorough blending can be achieved with a centrifugal pump or similar method.

What is the water-to-concentrate dilution ratio for reconstituting each concentrate?

Dilution recommendations are available upon request. The ratios are also listed in our digital catalogue.

In what size or format do you offer the juice concentrates?

We currently sell in 5 gallon pails and 52 gallon, plastic-lined steel drums. Tankers are available, and totes can be arranged with sufficient lead time.

What is the shelf life and storage guidelines for Old Orchard concentrates?

Our juice concentrates are manufactured with a 6-month shelf-life. They should be stored at refrigerated or frozen temperatures (at or below 38 degrees F) for maximum shelf life and optimal quality.

Are your craft concentrates the same as the Old Orchard brand frozen cans sold in stores?

Our bulk concentrates are typically more concentrated than the product you’ve tried in stores. We’ve crafted our bulk blends specifically for applications in craft beverage.

Are your craft concentrates clarified or do they need to be filtered?

Our craft concentrates are more clarified than purees and typically don’t need to be filtered. But a few of our tropical flavors (like Mango and Grapefruit) may be thicker than the others, and filtering can be used at the discretion of the brewer.

Are your concentrates locally sourced?

Our concentrate blends are crafted locally in our Michigan facility, but our fruit sourcing varies throughout the year depending on seasonality and availability.

FAQ: The Ordering Process

How do I place an order?

You can place orders through our online ordering system by creating an account login at, then logging in at

Please note: only one account is allowed per company. If your business already has an existing account, please login using those credentials. If need be, you can update the name or email address within your online profile.

What is the lead time for an order?

We strive to make our concentrates fresh to order, so lead time is currently 10 business days. Shorter lead times can be arranged for consistent, high-volume orders.

What is the shipping process?

Our bulk customers arrange their own shipping through third party carriers like FedEx (or personal pickup, if local). All orders need to be picked up from our facility located at: 1991 Twelve Mile Rd, Sparta, MI 49345. To calculate your shipping cost, use our shipping specs guide alongside a quote generator like After placing your order, you can schedule the pickup with your carrier in line with our 10 business day lead time. Your order confirmation email will include further instructions for contacting our transportation team to schedule your pickup date (

For more detailed instructions, please view our Quote Guide to help you figure out an estimated freight cost for your order, and our Scheduling Guide to walk you through the process for scheduling a pick-up from our facility. 

What your return policy?

Because our concentrates are made fresh to order, we cannot accept order cancellations. If you need to add on to your order or request similar adjustments, please contact us before 8am the next business day after placing your order.

Due to the perishable nature of our concentrates, we cannot accept returns. Thank you for understanding.

Because our bulk concentrates are made fresh to order, we cannot issue refunds. However, if you have any quality concerns upon receiving your product, please contact us as soon as possible. We will review on a case-by-case basis.

All bulk concentrate orders from Old Orchard are FOB shipping point, so the customer takes title to the product when it is picked up at our Sparta facility. Damage during transit is uncommon, but not impossible. Old Orchard is not responsible for any mishandling of product by the carrier, including (but not limited to) the following scenarios:

1) damaged container or spilled product occurring after departure from our facility
2) spoilage caused by transit delays
3) spoilage caused by exposing product to high temperatures for too long

Please move your concentrates into refrigerator or freezer storage as soon as you receive them. Because we ship our concentrates frozen, we recommend selecting 1-2 day shipping options. We also recommend scheduling your shipment to leave Monday-Wednesday, as shipments on Thursdays and Fridays might be delayed in transit over the weekend.