Boo! Halloween is right around the corner! Don't be frightened, we have the perfect craft for you to add some spooky friends to your decorations! Be sure to hold on to your frozen jucie containers. These mummy and bat buddies are so easy to make you could even have the kid's craft their own and decorate them however they choose! Once done, you can fill these buddies with tricks or treats for your guests at your next spook-tacular event!

What you will need:
- Empty Old Orchard frozen juice cans
- Black spray paint
- Googly eyes
- Cheese cloth
- Construction paper
- White Marker
- Hot glue gun
- Scissors

Mummy Buddy

Step 1. Spray paint cans black.

Step 2. Wrap cheese cloth around can (about 3 feet in length) and leave a little opening for the mouth and eyes. Use hot glue on the ends to keep the cheese cloth fixed onto the can. No one wants a mummy to unravel, eek!

Step 3. Hot glue googly eyes on.

Bat Buddy

Step 1. Spray paint can black.

Step 2. Hot glue googly eyes on.

Step 3. Cut out back wings and attach on back of the can with hot glue. (For simpler wings, trace your hands and use as wings)

Step 4. Draw mouth on can with white marker.

Fill with trinkets or candy for kids to take! These are also great utensil holders for easy access, the options are endless.


After you've enjoyed any of our frozen juices, be sure to keep the can.Old Orchard is always looking  for ways to upcycle our juice containers. If you have any new upcycling ideas using our juice containers, please share with us! 

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