Perfect for collecting or passing out Valentines or candy!

Everyone loves piñatas at birthday parties; why not add a little twist to this upcoming Valentine's Day? We’ve got the perfect Valentine’s Day tote for your little one to collect all of their secret admirer notes and candy hearts on Valentine’s Day.  For the older audience, this Valentine tote can act as candy holder to set out on your desk or table to offer to your friends and guests!

What you will need:

  • Empty Old Orchard Juice bottle
  • Colorful tissue paper
  • Scissors and/or hole punch
  • Tape
  • Ribbon
  • Extras: stickers, glitter, accessories, etc.

Old Orchard kid's valentine craft

Step 1.

Take your empty Old Orchard juice bottle and cut off the top, so you can fit in as much candy and cards as possible!

Old Orchard Kid's valentine craft

Step 2.

Cut your colorful tissue paper in to 1-2” strips wide and 18” long.

Step 3.

Cut into each strip of tissue paper along the short side about ¾ of the way so the edges are frayed, but the whole strip is still intact.

Old Orchard Kid's valentine craft

Step 4.

Take each strip of tissue paper and wrap around the bottle starting at the bottom and working your way up. Here you can decide what colors you want to use and if there is any desired pattern, go for it!

Old Orchard Kid's valentine craftOld Orchard Kid's valentine craft

Step 5.

Take your hole-punch or scissors and punch out a hole on each side of the bottle near the top. Weave the ribbon through from one hole to the other to create a simple handle.  

Old Orchard Kid's valentine craft

Feel free to add any other accessories! You can notice we added a few heart stickers to the top to make it more festive.

Fill and Enjoy!Old Orchard Kid's valentine craft

*Note: Parental guidance is recommended for kids crafts. Cutting and handling scissors is required in many of our craft activities. Please use caution when using sharp utensils.*
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