Halloween is just around the corner!

Trick-or-treat in style! Using an Old Orchard juice bottle, transform it into a light weight candy holder and decorate it with any silly pumpkin face you like! We all know the older kids like to use the heavy duty candy holders and fill them up to the brim, but this is the perfect size for the young ones in the house for them to carry around all night, and control how many treats they end up with.

What you will need:

– Empty Old Orchard 64oz Bottle
– Orange Spray Paint
– Scissors/box cutter
– Green Ribbon
– Black Marker

Step 1. Cut juice bottle in half. (please be careful)

Step 2. Cut a hole on each side, big enough to string ribbon through.

Step 3. Spray paint orange.

Step 4. Draw any desired pumpkin face on the front. (silly, scary, cute, etc)

Step 5. String ribbon through sides, long enough to hold on shoulder and curl the ends.

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