Follow our how-to guide and spruce up your living space!

Who doesn't love succulents? With the extra time at home now-a-days, let's get creative and use the resources we have around us! Succulents are cute and a simple way to spruce up your living space. Up-cycle your old juice containers into a beautiful succulent garden and brighten any room in your home! Follow our How-To Guide below.

BONUS: Succulents are very low maintenance and easy to care for!

What you will need:
- your choice of succulents
- Recycle Old Orchard Juice containers (frozen or bottled)
- Potting soil
- stones/pebbles
- Scissors
- Chalkboard Paint or card stock
- Paint brush/sponges

Additional items, but not required: large stones, sand, moss, fun trinkets.

Step 1. Empty your juice container, wash & dry.

Step 2. Cover your container in paint or card-stock. Let paint dry according to packaging directions.

Step 3. Fill bottom of container with rocks, about 1/3

Step 4. Fill container soil, about another 1/3.

Step 5. Plant your succulents and cover with rocks.Voila! 

Get those creative juices flowing - here are a few other ways to up-cycle your juice container into your very own succulent garden:

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