Change is in the air.

Greetings Fruit Family,

Welcome to the new year.  We're looking forward to a series of updates for our bulk supply program in 2021, starting with this website.

You may have noticed things looking a little different around here (and it's not a new haircut). Our web development crew did a stellar job of implementing our requests for revised graphic design, layout, information, and functionality. Here are the highlights:

We added a new Testimonial section to the Home page. If you would like to thank us for sustaining your fruity brews in 2020, please consider sending a testimonial through our contact form! (If you would prefer your testimonial to be anonymous, just let us know.)

screenshot of testimonials from cocktail and winery customers
We're not crying, you're crying . . . In all seriousness though, we would love to hear why you choose Old Orchard.

We wanted our bulk corner of the website to align more with the graphic design of our retail web pages. From this hero image down to the color of the buttons, we're enjoying the newly seamless experience.

Hero image from Old Orchard bulk website, showing glasses of beer next to piles of berries and hops

Here is our bulk customer map as of Fall 2020. The list grows every week, but this gives you a rough idea of our reach (you're in good company!). Note: locations are only approximate based on zip code, but you can zoom in and out of this map on the Home page.

Screenshot of USA map covered in pins representing Old Orchard's bulk customer locations (by Zipcode)

All flavors are now listed in a visual grid on our pricing page, replacing the previous rows of text. Ordering is as easy as one, two, FRUIT.

Screencap of portion of Old Orchard's pricing page, with cranberry and grapefruit shown

On those same product pages for each flavor, you'll find other key information as well: Brix, shelf life, storage recommendations, a link to request documentation, and more. If you're logged in, you'll now be able to see price per gallon for easy sourcing comparisons.

Screenshot of blackberry concentrate page, including description, storage, shelf life, and brix

Clearly you have discovered this blog already, otherwise you wouldn't have made it this far in reading. We initially started posting under our main blog channel for retail, but now this "Brew Blog" has a section of its own within our dedicated bulk program website. If you have a bulk sales account and are subscribed to our newsletter, you'll receive a monthly digest of our Brew Blog posts.
Screenshot of two brewblog entries with their pictures, titles, excerpts, and tags

Curious? Create an account login for access to pricing and newsletters for our bulk supply program.

If your questions aren't answered on our FAQ page, you can reach out using our contact form or schedule a “taproom chat”.