Old Orchard has built a reputation in craft beverage as "The Blending Experts from Beer City, USA".

Old Orchard has built a reputation in craft beverage as "The Blending Experts from Beer City, USA". Our wholesale program supplies concentrate blends to beverage brands nationwide—for brews that are cult-classic, award-winning, and internationally distributed.

So why don't we offer fruit purees, extracts, or straight concentrates? Because craft concentrates work. Once brewers try our concentrates, they can't go back.

Our craft concentrates combine multiple juice concentrates with natural flavors to create a value-added, enhanced flavor profile at a discounted price.

These concentrates are used to flavor and sweeten craft beverages such as beer, wine, cider, mead, spirits, seltzer, or kombucha. They can also be used in food and supplement applications, such as jams, sauces, marinades, or gummy vitamins.

Our fruit concentrates are crafted for optimal flavor, color, clarity, and aroma—at a fraction of the price. Our customers have saved thousands of dollars by switching to our products. Not to mention all the saved time that would have been spent filtering purees! We produce our craft concentrates fresh to order.


brewers holding up glass of beer by brewing tanks to analyze ALTERNATIVES
Whole fruit doesn’t impart enough flavor; purees require too much filtering; extracts alone taste too artificial; straight concentrates are too expensive, and can lose their color and aroma during processing. Craft concentrates, however, have it all.

Most of our craft beverage customers add our concentrates undiluted after fermentation (first deactivating yeast through filtering, pasteurization, sorbates, etc.). Usage rate is typically 1-5% by volume. For a more subtle flavor effect, the concentrates can also be pre-diluted into juice or used as a fermentable base. Blend thoroughly with a centrifugal pump or similar method.

We currently sell in 5 gallon pails and 52 gallon, plastic-lined steel drums. Tankers can be arranged, as well as discount pricing for truckloads. Totes may be available in the future. 

So there you have it: craft concentrates are the ultimate solution for fruit-forward craft beverage. Check out our available flavors to see what's brewing at Old Orchard!

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