Plan your next picnic with these simple tips!

 A Handful of Healthy Picnic Tips:

  1. Keep Things Light
    No one enjoys loading and unloading massive amounts of food, condiments, or extra supplies for a “quaint” picnic. Keep things light, only pack what will be used. To save some weight, use a table cloth or bedsheet rather than a blanket to lie on the ground.
  2. Stay Hydrated
    An icy cold beverage is must for a picnic. Especially on those hot summer days, fluids are key. Throw a bottle of Old Orchard Lemonade into a cooler and you’re all set!

    Seeing as lemonade is the favorite drink of summer - Old Orchard lemonades are a no brainer when it comes to choosing a refreshing beverage for those hot summer days! We even interviewed a couple of "certified experts" on how to create The Best Lemonade Stand with recommendations that will help your stand really stand out against the competition!
  3. Add Color!
    Picnic classics include, hot dogs, potato chips, you know, something with grease. Pass by the classics and mix in some color with diced up fruit and chopped up veggies! Nothing beats the crunch of fresh fruits and veggies on a hot summer day.One of our favorite summertime recipes is Salad in a Jar - so simple to make and easy to pack up for your picnic!

    Watch our How-To Video Here:

  4. Stay Active
    Be sure to pack a frisbee, football or your favorite lawn game! Sitting for too long can get a tad boring. Make the most of the outdoors while you can (Am I right Michiganders?)
  5. Pack Wipes & Trash Bags
    Picnics can get messy. Minimize your footprint with packing extra wipes and trash bags to help keep your area clean and not having napkins and plates flying across the landscape.
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